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Look at Training and Development in a new way

Why choose Miris Training? The training that you will get will be absolutely focused on your business and its needs.

It is all about Service
Small modules of training, flexible and easy to mix and match
Cost and Time effective training solutions
Training solutions to suit your business
Precise training solutions
Training Solutions are specific and what you really want
Training solutions that work well with business and individual needs
Training solutions at sensible prices
Simple Training Solutions


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Health & Safety Training Solutions - Management of Health & Safety
Invest 4 hours of the valuable time of you and your management team.
Come away with a succinct overview of all you need to know about the management of Health & Safety at Work.
Interpersonal Skills Training Solutions - Motivation
Without motivated staff any business, no matter how well established or strong, will falter. It is the manager’s vital role to motivate staff.....So how do you motivate your staff? Miris training solutions are the key.....
Health & Safety Training Solutions - Risk Assessments
If you are an SME with a low-risk business, Risk Assessments are not complex.
Miris Training will supply practical training solutions to assist you to carry out Risk Assessments in your workplace.
Interpersonal Skills Training Solutions - The New People Manager
People are promoted because they are “good at what they do”. Being a manager of people is a tough job and you are generally expected to just get on with it, with little support. Miris Training has solutions to help you.

Miris Training ~ Simple Training Solutions at Sensible Prices. New, precise, Health & Safety, Interpersonal / Soft Skills & Management Skills Training for Business Managers of People or Teams