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Profile ~ Jane Brann Training Manager & Senior Trainer

Jane Brann Training Manager & Senior TrainerI have worked for 36 years in the Aviation Ground Handling Industry where reputations are gained and lost on the ability of you and your people to perform. This is where I gained my training qualifications with 15 years as a trainer.

Ground Handling, like many businesses, sells one commodity - People - People are what make you great or fail.

I am passionate about People; no matter what industry or business you are in; people are our most important resource, therefore INTERPERSONAL SKILLS are paramount.

I have spent 36 years working with People - whether they be colleagues, direct reports, my managers, senior management, customers, consultants and suppliers. I am also mindful of working to strict time schedules.

I have been in various management roles, including Customer Service, Operations and Training and Development.

I firmly believe that People regardless of their position in a business need the same things - support, encouragement, goals, challenges. If they do not have these things they will just do OK.

So why is Miris Training so different?

It is all about Service

It is vital that before a person goes on a training course they understand, why, how, and what they are learning and how useable it is. And this is just as relevant for Health & Safety training as it is for any Interpersonal Skills training.

Companies need to be confident that any training they invest in is going to be on target. It is what they want their people to learn. It is specific to the needs of their business. It also needs to be cost and time effective and it needs to be relevant.

After many years in training development and coaching I have reached the conclusion that whilst there are many very reputable training businesses out there, the vast majority will give you the components to use but without relating it precisely to what you as an individual and you as a business really require.

I have built my reputation on great customer service and this is my total focus when delivering training. I’m also particularly proud of the fact that I am a nice person to work with.

I provide Professional Innovative Business Focuses Training Courses to businesses who want to train their staff as well as to individuals who are seeking their own personal development.

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