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Miris Training SolutionsWhy Choose Miris Training?

Our core principles are applied to all the training courses that we deliver. Whether the training course is for Health & Safety training or Interpersonal Skills training it will be Professional, Focused, Structured, Interactive, Fun, Practical, Easy to use and Value for money.

Our promise to you is that any training solution that you receive from Miris Training will be centred on your business needs.

Contact Miris Training and find out just how cost effective we really are.

How does Miris Training do it differently?

It is all about working together

A small company needed Time Management training for 3 Managers. The managers came to our facility in Crawley and we ran a very specific training module on their particular issues. It took 3 hours.

A business with 25 staff needed a new H&S training procedure in place. The 5 managers were given 4 hours of “Management of H&S" training. A competent person was then identified and received another 4 hours of Risk Assessment training and all the staff had H&S Awareness training, which took 1 day. Because the MD could not shut his business for the whole day, he chose to run 4 x 1 day courses spread over 2 weeks to get all the training done.

Miris Training ran a 4 hour Team Building course for the 12 team members at their own facility.

A general manager of a large business of over 1000 people wanted to identify employees who had the interest and drive to be his future managers. We discussed various options and came up with a 6 module training programme that was run over a 3 month period to identify his rising stars. The programme was so successful that he ran the course 3 times over an 18 month period.