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Miris Training Solutions - Health & SafetyWhy Choose Miris Training?

Our core principles are applied to all the training courses that we deliver. Whether the training course is for Health & Safety training or Interpersonal Skills training it will be Professional, Focused, Structured, Relevant, Interactive, Fun, Practical, Easy to use and Value for money.

Our promise to you is that any training solution that you receive from Miris Training will be centred on your business needs.

Contact Miris Training and find out just how cost effective we really are.

Health & Safety Skills

What exactly are they and why should you consider spending time & money on Health & Safety Training?

Well if you employ 5 or more people it is a legal requirement.

If you employ 5 or less, you do have a duty of care and a moral obligation to ensure you workforce and yourselves are safe at work.

Skills learnt in Health & Safety training are transferrable to your life outside work too.