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Induction to Health & Safety

Health & Safety From The Start 2 hours Health & Safety Training Solutions - Induction to Health & Safety

Who is it for?
Anyone who joins a new business should have an introduction to their new workplace. What their new job function will be, who they report to and the general work procedures. We believe that any employer has a duty of care to his/her employees to ensure that they are safe at work. Therefore you should consider a basic Health & Safety induction programme which will highlight all the practices relating to the new employees Health & Safety too.

What is it about?

This training course will identify the correct company procedures regarding all aspects of Health & Safety in that workplace; responsibilities, reporting procedures, Fire Drills, who the First Aiders are, operating procedures and any other details. This should be run with the Office based Health & Safety course to ensure that any new employee knows all your company policies and procedures as soon as they start work with you.

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