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Management of Health & Safety

Health & Safety Training for Managers of People 4 hours Health & Safety Training Solutions - Management of Health & Safety

Who is it for?
The HSE say that any business that employs more than 5 people must have a Health & Safety policy, procedure, risk assessments and training programme in place. Anyone who is a manager of people must understand the legislation around Health & Safety and their responsibilities to their employees at work. This course is designed to give managers of people succinct information that will enable them to understand Health & Safety at Work in simple, straightforward terms.

What is it about?

This training course will enable you to understand the rules and regulations of this mandatory training course.
If you have a small low-risk business you will be relieved to know that the HSE are happy for you to manage your company H&S procedures yourself. The courses that Miris Training run are designed to help you ensure that you have crossed the “t’s” and dotted the “i’s”

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