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Personal Development Reviews

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Who is it for?

Personal Development Reviews (PDR’s) are the best business tool any manager can have. The successful personal development reviews are based on a natural desire that most people have for learning, achievement, recognition and an independent existence. In this world of fast moving technological solutions there is little time to sit with your team members and actually talk about what they can do and want to get involved in. If you do not have a formal review with your direct reports at least once a year; then you are failing to tap into your most valuable resource.

What is it about?

We will come to your business, work closely with you and your key people to agree your business Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI's)you want to focus on in PDR’s, these can then be built into the individuals objectives and targets for the year. We can deliver a short training course (3hours) to all staff who will be involved in this process to ensure that the best is gained both up and down the chain. It is to be expected that various training needs will be highlighted, so we can also assist you in drawing up a TNA that will give Cost & Time effective training solutions.

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PDR Training Course (3 hours)

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