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Succession Planning

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Who is it for?
Are you a Senior Manager who wants to invest in their rising stars; their future managers and directors; have a seamless transfer when you promote a person? This training course is designed to give your managers of the future a bit of a head-start. Many people are promoted because they are “good at what they do”. The training course will give them the tools to make the transition to manager that much easier.

What is it about?

This training course gives the delegate the information and skills that will help them understand the role and responsibilities of a manager. It is broken down into 7 modules that run for 3 hours at a time. These training modules are designed to give the delegates an overview to key areas. These are agreed with the Senior Managers of the business to ensure they match business needs. It is recommended that the delegates spend time with their manager during the course. This will be discussed and agreed with Senior Management.

Course Overview

How will I be able to use it?


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