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Training Needs Analysis

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Who is it for?
Are you considering a significant change in systems or procedures that you know will have an influence on your business? A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) should always be performed where a major new development in policy, equipment acquisition or procedures is deemed to have potential impact upon the current training regime.
The role of training analysis is to build a formal bridge between the available data, training resources and training objectives, in order to facilitate the transfer of training elements into the operational environment. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is defined as the “Identification of training requirements and the most cost effective means of meeting those requirements”.
Too many times “new” procedures and systems are put in place without a proper look at how these changes will take place and what impact it will have on the day-to-day running of your business.
The TNA tools can also be used to identify specific individuals or teams training requirements, especially after a Personal Development Review has taken place.

What is it about?

We will come to your business, work closely with all your key people – managers, supervisors, trainers, employees and staff representatives to ensure that a concise review of changes that need to take place has been made. We will work with you to focus on all areas that will be impacted. Assist in drawing up a TNA that will give Cost & Time effective training solutions to assist you going forward with these changes.

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